Expansive Cowboy Bebop Collab Café Open

Drinks (booze-filled ones)

I’ll preface with some honesty, I really wish they did more here. The cocktail selection seems really basic and uninspired for the Bebop crew.

This is Spike’s Drink. An Old-Fashioned (which he never orders in the show) with assorted nuts, and an admittedly cool chocolate gun. $8.

This is Jet’s Drink, a Cowboy. It’s two parts whiskey, one part light cream. Jet orders this drink in “Jupiter Jazz Part 1”. Now THIS inclusion is absolutely impressive. $7.

And this is Faye’s drink. A martini. Again, not anything special, but she did drink one in “Cowboy Funk”. Props to the research people. $7.

Drinks (non-alcoholic)

God bless the non-alcoholic drinks because this is where the cafe shines.

The Prairie Oyster. While it is typically non-alcoholic, Spike makes his with “Boofeater” gin. Either way, I’m super impressed they included this. Good luck to anyone who orders it. $6.

These are Ed’s wonderful drinks. On the left, we have a Cinderella (Orange/Pineapple/Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, and Grenadine) with a lovely orchid ($7). And on the right, we have a cappuccino with an edible film. $6.

The three above represent the crew’s three ships (L to R): Swordfish II, Hammerhead, and Red Tail. The Swordfish II comes with Ginger ale, strawberry puree, tapioca, and rosemary. The Hammerhead is a Mango Lemonade with mint. And the Red Tail is White Water (literally), blueberry syrup, Iced Cream Cheese, Blueberry Sauce, and Cracker. (all $6)


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