Expansive Cowboy Bebop Collab Café Open


Finally, we have this bear dessert. If they were going for a dessert, they really should have considered this one. Just check out these ingredients though: Chocolate pudding, orange peel, chocolate ice cream, brownie, cornflakes, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and crackling candy. And it’s only $8!!!


This merch is pretty cool. Check out the full set here, but these are the highlights.

These awesome rocks glasses come in sets of two and each cost $20, a true steal.

This bar mirror is incredible. This image has been made just for this event. It comes pre-framed but will set you back $120.

And finally, there’s this Spike Spiegel Lighter. God, this would be an amazing addition to anyone’s collection. Alas, it is $100.


That’s all you nefarious bounty hunters. If you’re interested, head on down to”Good Smile x animate cafe” Akibahara or Osaka Nihonbashi. Maybe pick me up a lighter as a thank you.

See you Space Cowboy . . .

All Images via: cafe.animate.co.jp







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