“Innocent Forest” Light Novels Put You In The Story

Innocent Forest "FullDive" Light Novels Put You in the Story
(Source: MoCa-News)

Ever wanted to jump straight into the world of a book? You may be closer than you think! MyDearest inc. is perfecting the FullDive novel: a combination of virtual reality and light novels. And the results will put you right in the midst of a magical story!

Innocent Forest

(Source: MoCa-News)

The company is kicking off with Innocent Forest, the magical story of a boy named Kei who has lost some of his memories. He travels to a forest where rumor says visitors can lose one memory. There, he finds Luclei, a strange young girl living in a mansion.

As for the lost memories? They turn into birds, escaping the “cages” of people’s hearts. Kei moves in with Luclei, and with time, he begins to learn more about her previous visitors from the birds who populate the forest.

The story is fully voiced. Yusuke Kobayashi (Arslan in the new Heroic Legend of Arslan) plays Kei, with Rina Hidaka (Silica of SAO) as Luclei.

But the voice work doesn’t mean it’s not a book. The VR setup places you in the scene, with the book page in the room with you — a hybrid experience!


As Close As Your Phone

Curious to see what the end result looks like? Take a look at the new trailer:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoitQ2onMM8]

And while the trailer shows Japanese text, English speakers haven’t been forgotten. An English localization is waiting for you!

The Oculus store is currently offering Innocent Forest as a free download. All you need to jump in is a Gear VR setup. And while the trailer doesn’t give you a YouTube 360 experience, you can see the sort of look the story will have.

So what do you think? Will you be giving Innocent Forest a try? Are there any other sorts of stories you’d like to see given the “FullDive” treatment? Let us know in the comments!

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