Introducing Comet Lucifer and K: Return of Kings

We’re rolling out two gorgeous new simulcasts that we’re really excited about, find out what they’re all about before you watch the first episodes, streaming now on

Comet Lucifer

Comet Lucifer

Flashy visuals and mystery abound in Comet Lucifer, the intriguing new adventure from Studio 8-bit. The series focuses on Sogou Amagi, an adventurous orphan living in the mining city of Garden Indigo. The mines exist to collect Giftium, powerful blue crystals found deep beneath the planet Gift. One day, while exploring a ruinous old mine, Sogou comes across a peculiar looking girl with blue hair and red eyes. But who is this mysterious blue-haired girl, and why is she glowing? Watch new episodes of Comet Lucifer to find out!

Available with English subs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Return of Kings

K: Return of Kings

Another visually-striking anime comes to Viewster in K: Return of Kings. Traditional 2D animation blends seamlessly with 3D rendering to create a series with serious flair about four rival clans vying for supremacy in the futuristic ‘Shizume City’. Once they were kings, now they are teens, still they fight to regain their former glory. Blue, Green, Red, or White? Which clan will stand tall when the dust clears? Only time will tell in K: Return of Kings.

Available with English subs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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