Is The Nintendo Switch Worth It?!

I should note, I’ve got an affinity for the console and that the modern world is bananas for it. Is Nintendo’s latest and greatest console worth it? Only one way to know for sure, so let us talk a walk down this winding road.

Having a decent Nintendo sponsored line-up will help with the first year, but maybe not in the second or third ones.

First off yes, Nintendo’s Switch is worth it, but only if you have a soft spot for Nintendo-made electronics and childhood memories. The Switch is a beast of a machine, and can almost perfectly tackle the handheld and console markets simultaneously. No one wanted to support another console aimed primarily at kids, but now even Nintendo’s core console creators are jumping ship and opting for Switch. Its unique design allows it to be moved around ones home to suit a certain play-style and it potentially has the 3rd party support to boot.

Games like Disgaea V had a successful launch on the PS4, but now get new life thanks to Nintendo’s Switch platform.

Honestly I have lost track of how many times I found myself moving from one play-style to the next. It just feels good. Almost as if this was how gaming should have been from the beginning.

Here in North America, it is hard to not find them either bundled with other games or with stuff that we really could care less for. This in turn jacks up pricing and forces parents and independents to throw out more for the thing. Sure some of them are good and will net you a couple of games to compensate, but man it sucks.

The current library as of this writing is—solid; if only just. It has some room to grow and with the big hitters coming later, it will shine. Luckily enough, indie developers and other large publishing houses have made an effort to bring some big heat to the console. Former PlayStation 4 exclusive, Disgaea V is one notable port that just feels at home on the Switch. It reminds me of older Nintendo titles that had substance and depth.

While the console still lacks some big names in the gaming scene, that is fine by me. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield would be cool to play, just I don’t think they’d run quite as well.

Ultimately advertisement and interested buyers will determine the fate of this console.

All in all, the machine has power—though lacks the punch to draw in the high-fidelity crowd. With a solid lineup of support for the launch year, Nintendo managed to come out swinging and revitalizing their base. I can say with gusto that the Nintendo Switch is definitely worth it.



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