It’s Showtime: Hypnosis Mic Hosts Epic Seiyuu Rap Battles

It's Showtime: Hypnosis Mic Hosts Epic Seiyuu Rap Battles

Combine your favorite seiyuu, the pride of the Japan rap scene, and the fun of mixed media, and what do you get? The coolest 2.5D project you’ve never heard of.

But we’re here to fix that. Welcome to Hypnosis Mic, the coolest rap turf battle ever!

It's Showtime: Hypnosis Mic Hosts Epic Seiyuu Rap Battles

What’s the Story?

In an alternate Tokyo exists the Hypnosis Mic: a magic microphone that can affect people’s brainwaves. The mic has become the key to a major Tokyo turf war taking place between four groups.

In Ikebukuro, there’s Buster Bros!!!, a trio of devoted and optimistic brothers. Yokohama is home to MAD TRIGGER CREW, made up of a yakuza member, an active-duty police officer, and a retired Navy SEAL. In Shibuya we have Fling Posse: a cute male idol, an author, and a gambler. And Shinjuku boasts Matenrou: a doctor, a host, and an unhinged salaryman.

But there’s more to this than just throw-downs. The lead members of each group were once members of The Dirty Dawg, a now-defunct posse. What happened that broke them up? What’s behind their lyrics?

…That’s the real story of Hypnosis Mic.

Welcome to the Division!

Hypnosis Mic kicked off late last year, with a team of 12 voice actors in the roles listed above. Anime fans will recognize many of the seiyuu behind the cast, whether they’re pedigreed pros like Sho Hayami or up-and-coming stars like Wataru Komada.

And if you like those beats, you’ve got Ken the 390 to thank for some of them. Does the name sound familiar? We talked about him not long ago as one of the members of Wamu’s Gang in Devilman Crybaby! And right alongside him was Subaru Kimura… who voices Buster Bros!!! frontman MC.BB.

These talented voice actors and rappers record drama and battle CDs, and even do live shows throughout the year! Check out their latest battle anthem, Gladiator (below), for a taste of everyone’s unique style.

So, with the success of other male idol and mixed media series, do you think we can look forward to a Hypnosis Mic anime?

Either way, the rap battles continue this summer with new CDs and live events!


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