Japan Busts Out the Dance Moves For Destiny 2

With that in mind, we’re here to talk about dancing. Before the game dropped, there were some impressively cinematic live-action trailers released to amp up the excitement. A lot of these trailers try to bank on the silly/over-the-top essence that the game encourages and one of them owes its style straight to Japan.

This particular live-action trailer features a massive dance-off between all sorts of opponents and was put together by Japanese choreographers Furitsuke Kagyou Air:man. Dancing has been a fun part of Destiny ever since the original release of the first game in the series; it’s a big part of the social aspects of the game. Bungie has said that they added the ability to dance because,

This game is social and co-operative and so you will encounter people in the wild who you want to co-operate with. Now, maybe that’s to say thank you or to point to something or even just to sit down to indicate to someone that you’re fetching another beer, so the dance is just a little reminder that at the end of the day we are making a game and that it’s fun.

There are very few games where encountering another player can either lead to a gun battle or a sweet display of some slick moves. It is nice to see a big name franchise that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The dancing in-game is comical and a charming way to kill some time, but this latest dance-off captures the carefree and bad-ass atmosphere that Destiny has always been trying to capture. Check out the “Freestyle Playground” below.

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