In Japan, You Can Rent A Selfie Partner Or Husband

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Is your selfie life looking a little lonely? Just hire some pals to stand around you and hype your lifestyle pictures. Need a fake husband to impress someone? No problem, hire the ideal man for your next party.

In the continuing trend of Japan having absolutely everything, there are now multiple companies that allow you to rent actual people. In one such case, a woman actually hired a man to play the father to her young daughter and has continued the ruse for several years now without ever telling her daughter the truth. These actors and customers agree to maintain the lie as long as the contract continues.

“Rental” company Family Romance was started by a man named┬áIshii Yuichi. He based his business on the belief that he could help people deal with the sad absences in their lives and prevent perceived negative outlooks from others on the outside.

You can really hire someone for almost any situation. Yuichi has told stories about how if there is an affair within a married couple, the husband or wife will want to confront the other guilty party. Since that can be difficult to arrange in reality, you can hire someone to act as your unfaithful partner to face the confrontation.

And yes, you can employ an actor for actual dating (we’re not sure how involved that gets). Since real-world dating can feel like too much work, some opt for a more picturesque (and unrealistic) version of life. Yuichi has said that there is a growing feeling of loneliness and separation in modern society and this service can fill that void for many people.

The whole operation might seem very out of the ordinary from the outside, but many clients have stated that they feel a real connection to these ‘professional’ relationships. Just sayin’.

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