Japanese Cats In The Workplace: Yup.

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Japanese Cats In The Workplace: Yep.

Work in Japan has a notorious reputation for long work days and stressful environments. The Japanese often work themselves to the bone and push their workers to the extreme. One IT firm has come up with an interesting and cuddly possible solution: cats. The Ferray Corporation in Tokyo has adopted nine cats that now live, eat, and sleep in the office building.

It all started when several employees wanted permission to bring their own cats into work. Many of the living environments available in Japan do not allow for pets which forces animal lovers to look elsewhere for their pet fix… And Japan seems to have an affinity for cats. Tokyo is the home to tons of cat welcoming cafés, but this is the first business to open their doors to feline office buddies. Hidenobu Fukuda, who leads Ferray, has said that the cats reduce stress and give all of the workers something to bond over.

According to Fukuda, there have been signs of success with a rise in inner-office communication and reports of an increase in overall employee happiness.

All of the cats are rescues and the boss even gives a little bonus (about $45 USD), to others that adopt animals in need. And in case you were wondering, cats have their own little beds, food, and treats dispersed throughout the office to keep them happy. So happy that they’re totally willing to overlook the trouble makers who accidentally cancel calls or shutting down computers while they wander around. They have even made a little hobby out of unplugging cords (#WhoNeedsWork).

(Source: AFP-JIJI / japantimes.co.jp)

Let this be a lesson: having a little cuddly creature in your lap or on your desk can have a soothing effect on your stressful work day. Other businesses have brought in sheepdogs or even goats as therapy animals, which makes Ferray look totally normal.



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