Japanese Company Makes Samurai Armor For Your Pets

Samurai Armor pets

As both a cosplayer and pet mother of a gorgeous red Shiba Inu and two black cats, learning that dog and cat samurai armor exists makes joy swell in my otaku heart.Samurai Armor pets

Samurai Age, a Japanese company, offers both standard sized and custom samurai armor options for your furry companion. Not only are these sets insanely adorable, but they are also historically accurate–each set is modeled after the actual armor worn by iconic Japanese samurai such as Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Prices hover around $150USD (around ¥165,000), which is a steal, in my opinion, for a set of lightweight leather armor.

Samurai Age also offer products like samurai armor koozies for your booze, samurai helmet baseball caps, and both adult and children-sized full body armor replicas. Are they hiring cosplayers to help with production? Because I think I’ve found my dream job.

Samurai ArmorAs is in the US, pets are a cherished part of many Japanese households. Although space is a rare commodity in urban Japan, approximately 18% of Japanese households owned a pet in 2009. A huge “pet boom” in 2003 led to the combined number of cats and dogs in Japan outnumbering the number of children, suggesting a preference for pets over children for many Japanese. Although worrisome considering the recent birthrate crisis in Japan, who can deny that owning a Shiba is better than a raising a screaming baby? The usual route for pet ownership in Japan is to visit a pet store and “buy” a purebred for what many Americans might consider an exorbitant cost, $2,000-$3,000USD (¥220,000-330,000). Smaller breeds, such as toy poodles and miniature dachshunds, are most popular (Napoleon syndrome, perhaps).



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