Japanese Game Night: Tokaido

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I know when I say the word game you automatically think of a controller and screen.

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I know that Nintendo Switch just came out. I also know the idea of getting offline seems foreign (it does for me, too).

…Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to sit down with real people in real life and play a physical game with your actual pieces.

Tonight, shake things up with Tokaido: It’s like monopoly… Except… Not really at all like monopoly. I can say, however; that it’s perfect for anyone who wants to dip their toe into Japanese traditions. NOTE: This game is not about defeating your friends and family (play RISK for that).

Your mission is to spend time having the most interesting journey. You take on the identity of one of the beautifully realized characters and walk the East Sea road. Along the way you get points for meeting new people, sampling new foods, finding alluring items, and collecting lovely vistas. There is, of course, strategy to this game; but this one is more about playing rather than taking someone else down.

Tokaido teaches the classic lesson that the journey is the real destination; quit rushing through life! The best parts of it are the game design and detailed artwork. The dynamic artwork will definitely look familiar to any fan of manga or anime.

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