Japanese Snacking: American Brands Take On Asian Flava

Image source: metropolisjapan.com

The snacks in Japan are unbeatable… And brands are taking notice. Starbucks is constantly unveiling regional drinks, from their Tea Cream Frappuccino, to their American-inspired Cherry Pie Frappuccino.

McDonalds has notoriously themed its cuisine for the market – including last year’s seasonal “Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger” and its latest parent/child duo: Otona Wasabi Mayo and Wanpaku Teriyaki Mayo. (This may be our favorite yet, purely thanks to the “Phantom Nugget Thief” and his son – – – their style is on POINT.)

Image Source: McDonald’s Japan

Most recently, Doritos has unveiled its latest tortilla chip masterpieces: Soy Sauce Wasabi and Octopus Dumpling Sauce flavors.

Image Source: Okinawa Family Mart

Now we can imagine that Octopus Dumpling Sauce probably wouldn’t do too well in America… But Soy Sauce Wasabi sounds mild enough to attract the palates of Japanese culture-adoring Americans like the Viewster clan.

Don’t even get us STARTED on Japan’s Pringles varieties. So, so jealous.

Branded flavors in the U.S. could definitely stand to take things up a notch: Pizza Flavor chips are so 2000.

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