Japan’s Virtual Reality “Trend” Is The Future Of Gaming

The Virtual Reality of Japan is the Future of Gaming
The Virtual Reality of Japan is the Future of Gaming
(Source: Bandai Namco & Ollie Barder / Forbes.com)

No one has been able to perfect the idea of at home virtual reality gaming (yet). Eventually, this groundbreaking technology will change how we experience everything from visual novels to game play. The holdup? The setup necessary for virtual reality seems to work its best when you can dedicate a whole area to it (like these VR wedding chapels).

In light of this, there is now a complete virtual reality arcade located in Tokyo: Bandai Namco Company‘s Shinjuki VR Zone (SVRZ).

Along with its arcade games, SVRZ’s also got an escape room experience called the “Panic Cube.” It’s a mix of the average arcade style games and this new VR initiative. They have the standard virtual reality fair of roller coaster mini-games or simulated skyscraper climbs; we’ve all seen the funny videos of people stumbling all over the place and screaming into a headset. And yes, they’ve branched out into new more branded games like Gundam, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, and even an Evangelion: The Throne of Souls VR game.

SVRZ’s virtual reality arcade also features a Mario Kart game, which is said to be exactly as fun as it sounds. It doesn’t have all of the features of the most current Mario Kart games, but it supposedly gives you all the classic thrills right from the driver’s seat.

There’s even a Dragon Ball Z game where characters from the anime will teach you how to fire a proper Kamehameha. Note: This one is said to still be a little buggy and requires very careful movements to achieve the desired outcome.

This does seem like the inevitable future of gaming. All of these games seem like baby steps in the right direction of a whole facet of gaming. Whether or not you like it, gaming is becoming more and more of a reality.

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