Japan’s Latest Fashion Trend: Bras for Men?

The fashion trends in Japan can be very interesting. This is something I never would have guessed, but apparently there is a large trend of Japanese women who are really don’t like the sight of the male nipple. Women in more than one survey have called them “utterly repulsive.” News of this started once temperatures in Japan started to rise in the summer. Mainly in office buildings, companies would refuse to run the A/C very low to save money on utilities.

This causes some sweaty office workers. Many men chose to stop wearing undershirts and, so once they get that sweat on, their white dress shirt basically becomes transparent. Many women stated that they were offended by these nipples out in public view. It’s been called sexual harassment or just plain gross by female office workers. The position of women in Japanese society is complicated in that they are often objectified, while at the same time taking the lead in families ahead of herbivore husbands. I do think I side with the women on this. I don’t want to be forced to see any co-workers sweaty nipples while I’m stuck at work all day.

Image: Makuake/NoPoints; rocketnews24.com
Image: Makuake/NoPoints; rocketnews24.com

Well necessity is once again the mother of invention because a company in Japan has come up with, I would say, a unique solution. Now technically speaking it is not a bra, but its pretty close. It is actually a v-neck skin colored undershirt and beneath the shirt is a short vest shaped piece of mesh material put there specifically to conceal male nipples while also keeping the wearer cooler while in hot temperatures. It is said the mesh is specially designed to catch and lock in the nipple so that it does not protrude through the man’s shirt. This has become a crowdfunded campaign by Marutaka Industry in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture. Contributors get a discounted rate on these new garments and so far they have racked up about $41,000 in funding, which is about half their pre-set goal.

Image: Makuake/NoPoints; rocketnews24.com

Another company is offering nipple pasties that someone could put on under their normal clothes to better conceal themselves. Normally, they were used for athletes trying to reduce chaffing during long exercises; they are now being used to conceal the unsightly male nipple. I do feel like this problem could be solved by men just wearing a normal undershirt or these offices running the air conditioning a bit more often. For some people this might seem like an odd problem to have to address, but at least it will keep these men from having to say, “Hey, my eyes are up here.”

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