Japan’s Top 20 Favorite Action Video Games

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The Japanese magazine, Famitsu Weekly, has been quizing the Japanese gaming community about their favorite game genres and titles; like FPS shooter games and fighting games. For this one, they got over 1,000 people between the ages of teens all the way up to 50 year-olds to talk about their favorite action games. The voting audience was divided up between 73 percent men, 23 percent women, and 4 percent did not identify. An actual pretty decent representation as far as most of these polls are concerned. The votes were changed into a point system to make it simpler to understand. These are the top 20 action video games for Japanese gamers.

  1. Super Mario Bros. (241 points)
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (205 points)
  3. Nier: Automata (183 points)
  4. Okami (152 points)
  5. Bloodbourne (147 points)
  6. Dark Souls III (121 points)
  7. Kingdom Hearts (117 points)
  8. Bayonetta (63 points)
  9. Super Mario 64 (55 points)
  10. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (48 points)
  11. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (45 points)
  12. The Kingdom Hearts II (42 points)
  13. Metal Gear Solid (38 points)
  14. Devil May Cry (38 points)
  15. Kirby Super Star (35 points)
  16. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (30 points)
  17. Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain (27 points)
  18. Muramasa (26 points)
  19. Super Mario World (23 points)
  20. Mega Man 2 (18 points)

The thing that jumps out at me right away is the number of video games that made the list from the older, “outdated” consoles. Apparently when it comes to action games, the fan base is feeling pretty nostalgic. I mean who can beat Super Mario, but there also isn’t very much Nintendo Switch love here despite all its new fans. There is also a curious lack of American developed games. I mean if those were taken into account, wouldn’t at least one of the Rocksteady Arkham games have made it in?

My personal favorite that did not make the list is Dishonored, an under-rated game that should get a lot more appreciation. I would also be curious if games like Portal 2 would be included under the genre of action games? If so, I would definitely put it in my top 20. I think many of the big franchise games are also missing; like Fallout, Far Cry, or the Grand Theft Auto games.

What games do you think they missed out on? Did your favorite action games make the cut?

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