Japan’s Top 20 FPS and TPS Shooter Games

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The website Famitsu, has been polling Japanese fans for all their favorite types of games and their favorite titles. This latest poll focuses on first-person and third-person shooters. Participants were allowed to vote for up to three different titles at one time. Each vote was counted in a simple point system and the participants ranged from teenagers all the way up to 40 and 50-year olds. They then narrowed it down to the top 20 and combined all the different console versions to keep things simple. Some of these will be no surprise to you gaming fans.

  1. Overwatch (96 points)
  2. Splatoon (89 points)
  3. Rainbow Six Siege (71 points)
  4. Goldeneye 007 (62 points)
  5. Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (59 points)
  6. MAG: Massive Action Game (55 points)
  7. Battlefield 4 (51 points)
  8. Battlefield 1 (46 points)
  9. Alliance of Valiant Arms (41 points)
  10. Titanfall 2 (39 points)
  11. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (36 points)
  12. Left 4 Dead 2 (35 points)
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops (33 points)
  14. The Last of Us (30 points)
  15. Destiny (29 points)
  16. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (26 points)
  17. Resident Evil 4 (23 points)
  18. Gears of War (21 points)
  19. Simple 2000 Volume 81: Earth Defense 2 (19 points)
  20. Doom (18 points)

This poll ended up covering a ton of different ground, though it does seem like the Playstation exclusive games came out in a slight lead. I mean Overwatch is only a little over a year old but it wiped the floor with some classic games. It looks like Xbox might need to consider some better outreach to Japanese gamers. Personally, I’m surprised to see only one Gears of War game on the list. As long as we’re talking about third person shooters, how is at least one of the first two Uncharted games not make the list?

Plus, Call of Duty makes the list three times and there is not one mention of the entire Halo franchise!  I know the franchise may have fallen from grace in recent years, but you can’t tell me people aren’t still playing it. I mean the original trilogy belongs in any Video Game Hall of Fame. Where are Half-Life and Bioshock? Maybe it is a cultural divide for me or those games are just a bit too old for this poll, but I mean Goldeneye 007 made the list and all of those games redefined the genre of first person shooter games in different ways.

Did your favorite shooter games make the list?



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