Japan’s Top 20 RPGs

top 20 rpgs

Japanese magazine Famitsu Weekly recently published the results of another reader poll on their favorite video games. They’ve already covered Japan’s favorites fighting games, action games, and FPS shooters. This time its focused on top RPGs.

The Basics

Participants were allowed to vote for any game across all consoles or even mobile games. I imagine the only role playing games that were ruled out were the board game or pen and paper kind.

  • They had 2,295 participants in the poll, with 56% men and 43% women. A pretty fair division for most of these polls.
  • 9% were in their teens, 36% were in their 20’s, 37% were in their 30s, 16% were in their 40s and 1% in their 50s.
  • Each person was allowed to vote up to three times and their votes were turned into points to make the games easier to rank.

The Results

  1. Persona 5 (256 points)
  2. Dragon Quest III (218 points)
  3. Chrono Trigger (194 points)
  4. Nier: Automata (177 points)
  5. Final Fantasy VII (169 points)
  6. Dragon Quest V (165 points)
  7. Suikoden II (155 points)
  8. Nier Replicant (151 points)
  9. Persona 3 (131 points)
  10. Final Fantasy XV (110 points)
  11. Xenoblade (104 points)
  12. Final Fantasy X (100 points)
  13. Xenogears (91 points)
  14. Persona 4: The Golden (90 points)
  15. Dragon Quest IV (82 points)
  16. Final Fantasy VI (81 points)
  17. Mother 2 (78 points)
  18. Final Fantasy IX (75 points)
  19. Final Fantasy VIII (74 points)
  20. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (72 points)

It’s probably no surprise that so many Final Fantasy games made the cut. I mean there are just so many out there, it’d be hard to not get a spot on the list. Persona 5 is still the new favorite out there – with minimal challenge the throne. Of course, I do feel like some pretty big franchises got left out. There is no mention of Mass Effect, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Dragon Age, or even the Fallout games. It’s possible those games don’t have the same international reach that these other franchises do, but I mean those all have massive fan bases in other countries.

From this list, it seems like Japanese fans lean towards more fantasy-based rather than the Science Fiction or Post-Apocalypse stories that other countries favor. What are your favorite types of role playing video games? Did your top RPGs make the list?

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