Kadokawa Prepares To Explore The Future Of 3D Animation

Kadokawa Prepares to Explore the Future of 3D Animation
Source: Keroro Wikia

The face of animation is changing every day, with 3DCG tech enabling us to do more than ever. And studios can’t wait to get involved!

It’s not uncommon to see a major anime studio throw in with another company nowadays, promising new advances in anime. Kadokawa is the latest to take that step. The result? Studio ENGI.

Kadokawa Prepares to Explore the Future of 3D Animation
Source: engi-st.jp

Entertainment Graphic Innovation

The newly-formed ENGI — short for “Entertainment Graphic Innovation” — aims to create new anime using the latest cutting-edge technology. What exactly does that mean? Well… we aren’t entirely sure, but we can take a few guesses.

The popularity of programs like Live2D (used by virtual YouTubers and smartphone games) is changing how we perceive 3D animation. The program combines the ease of building a computer model with the traditional feel of 2D cel animation. And, understandably, it’s becoming popular.

Live2D may be one of the advances on the table. But we suspect that with the players they have lined up, there will be a lot to get hyped about no matter which direction they go.

Kadokawa Prepares to Explore the Future of 3D Animation
Source: Next-Episode.net

The Line-Up

Even if you don’t keep up with anime production, you’re probably familiar with the name “Kadokawa.” The production company is behind numerous popular anime and manga series — from Cowboy Bebop to Sergeant Frog — and holds the rights to hundreds of franchises.

The second company in the deal is Sega Sammy -as a pachinko and pachislot company, Sammy is far less known in the West. However, they’re behind major tie-ins for Fist of the North Star, The Seven Deadly Sins, the Monogatari series, and many more.

The third and final company, Ultra Super Pictures, is even less known in the West… but their studios aren’t. Ultra Super is an umbrella for a variety of well-known companies: Studio TRIGGER, Good Smile, and Bushiroad, just to name a few.

With those three companies together as ENGI, we’re already looking at a mass of titles, series, talents, and assets in one place. Kadokawa plans to use its myriad IPs as a starting point for ENGI.

The biggest question is… where will they start? Will we see revivals? Films? Games?

And how will their experimentation with new technology affect their output? Only time will tell, but we can’t wait. For now, you can keep an eye on the company at their official website.




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