Keijo!!!!!!!! Gets Canned

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In rather sad news, the creator of Keijo!!!!!!!!, Daichi Sorayomi, announced that not only has the second season of the anime Keijo!!!!!!!! been canceled, but the manga will stop as well.

I’m pretty sad to see Keijo!!!!!!!! go, especially under these circumstances. Sorayomi was told to finish the manga after the anime had finished. This was his baby, and now that it’s been cancelled, he’ll never get to finish it. It was initially reported that lackluster DVD sales were the reason for the cancellation, but that report was incorrect. Sorayomi later explained the manga’s cancellation was due to his own lack of skill and some issues with the publisher, Shogakukan.

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According to Sorayomi, for nearly 18 months, he had repeatedly asked Shogakukan for more assistants for help with the manga. But Shogakukan said they could never find anyone. This resulted in Sorayomi and one assistant working on the entire manga together. At one point, Sorayomi exerted himself to the point where he passed out for an hour.

Sorayomi promised fans he would include extra chapters in the 16th, 17th, and 18th volumes of the manga. The 16th volume was released this month with the 17th volume coming soon in June and the 18th volume releasing in July.

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I loved the anime, and not just for the fan service. Keijo!!!!!!!! was one hell of an original sports anime. I admired the show because there was an incredible amount of inventiveness on display for a sport constrained by boobs and butts. The show did an amazing job of portraying these women as athletes and not strictly sexual objects. It’s way over-the-top and uses its ridiculous premise in its favor to create a boatload of comedic moments. The fights were exciting. Each match managed to distinguish itself from the others while creating and sustaining tension.

I actually love this title so much that I’m going to do something I’ve never done before—read the manga. Without the anime coming back, I feel like I need some kind of closure. I want to know how this ends, even if it is abrupt. I will seriously miss Keijo!!!!!!!!, and I eagerly await the future endeavors from Mr. Sorayomi.



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