KFC In Asia Is Simply… Better.

To our U.S. streamers, we know you’re well familiarized with the greatness that is KFC. Whether or not you’ll admit it, we know you’ve indulged in a bucket, a biscuit, and those god-awful mashed potatoes.

Eventually… You may have outgrown the Kentucky-fried goodness. UNTIL NOW.

Pikachu made the Japanese market go insane last year when KFC showcased the beloved anime character both inside and outside its boxes.

We’ve been plotting a trip to Japan, but now we’ve got to throw China in the mix. The country has officially unveiled its own Pikachu giveaway with every bucket. It glows, it wiggles an ear, it makes sounds.

Get the full lowdown with our friends at kotaku.com. Ask ask yourself…

Will there ever be another anime character that ranks supreme?!

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