Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for PS4/PC Soon to Land Worldwide

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time for PS4/PC Soon to Land Worldwide
Source: Bandai Namco via YouTube

Little Witch Academia is one of those feel-good animes, dripping with positivity and “believe in yourself” vibes. In this day and age, that’s kinda nice…

Which is why fans are ecstatic that Bandai Namco and A+ Games are making a game to accompany the franchise!

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a 2.5D side-scrolling RPG-action game – like Golden Axe meets Harry Potter.

Playing as Akko, a hyper-active Japanese witch-in-training with a heart of gold, you’ll explore the wondrous Luna Nova Magical Academy with your besties – Lotte, a quiet Finnish witch who talks to spirits, and Sucy, a cynical Filipino witch specializing in potions and who has penchant for mushrooms.

If I were into rating anime-turned-games, I’d give Chamber of Time 10/10 in the visual department. They manage to capture to characters, the setting, and the cut scenes perfectly (but I’ll hold off final judgement until I play the game).

The entire voice cast returned for the game, making the game feel true to the source material. Plus, the story was written by none other than Yoh Yoshinari, the show’s creator/animator/director, and Trigger, the studio responsible for the show.


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