Live-Action Akira Could Get All Asian Cast (If They Make It)


In a surprising twist of fate – the live action Akira movie will have an entirely Asian cast!

That is, if it gets made at all…

See, there have been rumors bouncing around that Taika Waititi, New Zealand director of Thor: Ragnarok, will direct a live-action adaptation of the most beloved anime of all time – Akira.

Taika recently commented on the rumor, confirming it to be true:

I am – that was more or less a rumor. There was, I mean, I was in talks to do that, for sure, and something that I was very passionate about – am passionate about…I actually love the books. Love the movie, but I would not do a remake of the movie. I would do an adaptation of the books…And, yeah, so anyway there’s been some chats.

So not only did he confirm that the rumor, but also that if it’s made, he’ll base it on the books, not the anime classic. Wise move – the bar is set too high.

The announcement got the blogosphere fired up, of course, over more Hollywood whitewashing casts of Japanese characters. But Waikiki has different plans…

Yeah. Actually Asian teenagers would be the way to do it for me and probably no, not, like no name, I mean sort of unfound, untapped talent. Yeah, I’d probably want to take it a bit back more towards the books.

So if he gets his way, not only would the cast be Asian, but they’d be unknown actors. And why not? An all Asian cast would be more in-line with the story, it’d be something totally different, and would make a powerful statement. I’m all in!

Just one problem though…

These kinds of decision aren’t totally up to the director. The studios usually have a lot of sway in a movie’s final product… And they ALWAYS try to play the safe bet, instead of taking chances on new ideas.

So, really, it’s still up in the air. Maybe it gets made, maybe not. Maybe the director makes history with his casting decisions, maybe not. Time will tell.

Quick poll: Would an all Asian cast prevent some people from seeing a live-action Akira?

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