Live Your Best Anime Life in “One Room” VR Sim

Live Your Best Anime Life in "One Room" VR Sim

First-person anime One Room cast you as the protagonist, showing you life through the eyes of an anime character. But if that wasn’t real enough for you, hang tight, because One Room is going virtual… and its crowdfunding campaign is already into stretch goals!

You’re the Star

One Room is a series of short episodes where “you” interact with your neighbor, little sister, and childhood friend. The story was separated into three arcs, with neighbor Yui (voiced by M.A.O) leading the first.

Granted, there’s only so much you can do as a viewer — so conversations are one-sided, with a gap where you would be speaking. Most of the “immersion” of the show comes from use of camera angles and eye contact.

Incidentally, if you’re feeling left out because you’d prefer a version with boys, there was also Room Mates — created in tandem with One Room and casting you as landlady to three handsome men.

Live Your Best Anime Life in "One Room" VR Sim

Going Virtual

Of course, the next natural step would be converting the story to VR — and that’s exactly what’s happening. The first arc, featuring M.A.O as Yui, was crowdfunded successfully on Campfire, and is into stretch goals.

Players can move around “their” fully mapped apartment, interact with Yui, and apparently even take a nap with their head in her lap. The program will be available for iOS and Android, with ease of movement and interaction.

The crowdfunding site is open until February 27. So would-be supporters can still pick up some cool swag! There are branded VR headsets, posters, wall scrolls, and more. There’s even an image CD with new songs by M.A.O!

There’s no word yet whether the show’s other two girls will get their own VR programs. Similarly, there’s nothing on whether Room Mates will get a similar treatment. But if this gets popular enough, who knows?

Would you play the One Room VR experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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