Macross Idols Sing Again for 10th Anniversary Single

Macross Idols Sing Again for 10th Anniversary Single
Source: Anime! Anime!

Macross idols may come and go, but we still love them all. So we’re super excited that Ranka and Sheryl are back for a new single to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Macross Frontier!

Macross Idols Sing Again for 10th Anniversary Single
Source: Anime! Anime!

Listen to My Song!

Megumi Nakajima burst onto the anime scene as Ranka Lee, one of the new idols of Macross Frontier. In fact, Nakajima won a “Miss Macross” competition to get the role. Since then, she’s appeared in everything from PreCure to Pokemon, and has made a name for herself as a singer.

Rival singer Sheryl Nome, however, had some more experience under her belt. Though voiced by Aya Endo, Sheryl’s tunes came from pop singer Mei Nakabayashi. The year she took on the singing role of Sheryl, Nakabayashi changed her stage name to May’n, and the rest is history.

Since music is a core element of any Macross series, Nakajima and May’n performed several CDs’ worth of material. They perform on multiple soundtracks, including character singles and mini-CDs. And the pair united for live Macross concerts, alongside series composer Yoko Kanno.

Despite the two performers being well off on their way to new things, they’ll never really leave Ranka and Sheryl behind. To with: their latest CD and music video.

Good job!

The duo’s tenth anniversary single leads with “Good job!” by Kanno and lyricist Robin Robinson. (Whether Robinson is any relation to “Gabriela Robin,” believed to be one of Kanno’s pseudonym, is anyone’s guess.) The tune is described as a commercial tie-in theme, recorded by Ranka and Sheryl before the show’s big final battle in 2059.

Take a look at the video, featuring May’n and Nakajima in action:

The single also includes a solo for each performer: “Ranka to BRAND NEW PEACH” for Nakajima, and “Goooorgerous” for May’n.


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