Make The Anime Community Your Job

Face it, we love that green dollar; we all hate work. 

So the question is how to earn that $$$ without a “normal” job. Well lucky for you, we live in a society where we can earn money by blogging, vlogging, playing games, photography… You name it. Create the fandom career you crave: These gigs are affordable to execute and will get you into the anime community even faster:

make money in anime community

Develop your blogging skills to thrill readers: With this new niche thing called the internet being all the rage, we often find ourselves looking for something to read or gawk at. Writing is one of the most accessible forms of creativity a person can afford, even electronics these days are fairly cheap. Grab a handy phone, tablet or computer of choice and get writing. It takes some investment and the best source of inspiration is from other blogs. Feel free to check our our entire blog roll to get you inspired.

make money in anime community

Your trusty point and shoot or DSLR could net you some cash too: Face it, we live in a day and age where everything has a camera; including your Starbucks coffee. (Okay maybe not the coffee, but the rest holds true.) So grab that camera and go to conventions, cover cosplay, get to know people. Just don’t expect instant success, it is a long road to recognition. If you want some inspiration on what Cosplayers love to do besides getting their pictures snapped, feel free to check out Phil Mizuno or 49 Shades of Grey.

make money in anime community

Vlogging is a sure fire way to earn some extra cash: Ask any of our video content creators and you will find that they can make some money through their YouTube channels or live stream sources. Sure it takes time to get to Jaymes Hanson’s level, but you’ll get there. Just cover what you love and the rest will come in strides, it took Jaymes blood, sweat and a whole lot of BLEACH to get where he is at – and boy is he rocking it. Why not watch some of his content on his branded channel to get inspired! 

Click here to enjoy the delightful banter of Jaymes Hanson or you could check out a different stylistic approach with ForneverWorld.

We hope you found these tip/suggestions helpful. We love finding ways to bring more folks into the industry.



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