“Marmalade Boy”: The Shoujo Classic Comes To Life

"Marmalade Boy": The Shoujo Classic Comes To Life
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The beloved shoujo love story Marmalade Boy has had many forms over the years. Beginning as a manga, it morphed into  an anime, a film, a game, a light novel… even a Taiwanese TV series and a sequel manga.

For those who love the story and want to revisit the magic yet again, there’s hope: a live-action film is coming in 2018!

New to Marmalade Boy? We can help.

"Marmalade Boy": The Shoujo Classic Comes To Life
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Our heroine is Miki, a high school girl who learns that her parents are getting divorced. And not just a regular divorce… they’re swapping partners with a couple they met in Hawaii! The two families move in together, and Miki meets Yuu, the other couple’s son. They’re about the same age, and initially they don’t get along all that great. He makes fun of her, and his bitter-yet-sweet personality leads her to refer to him as — well — a “marmalade boy.”

Eventually, as you might expect, the two fall in love. There are several complications in the way first, and a variety of side stories involving the wide range of supporting characters. But in the end, in both the manga and the anime, it’s a happy ending for the pair.

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"Marmalade Boy": The Shoujo Classic Comes To Life
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As mentioned before, there was a live-action series in Taiwan, as well as an animated film. But now Japan is making its own live-action release, starring The Last Cop actors Hinako Sakurai and Ryo Yoshizawa.

The filmmakers haven’t revealed yet how much of the story line will be covered in the film; all we know is it’s coming out in 2018. Nana screenwriter Taeko Asano will be writing the film adaptation, and director Ryuichi Hiroki (who also did Wolf Girl and Black Prince) will be at the helm. Producers behind Terra Formars, Black Butler, and Chihayafuru are also on board.

The question now is — how good will it be? Live-action anime adaptations in Japan tend to be hit or miss, but many also tend to be based on sci-fi or fantasy-laden series. Could a more down-to-earth high school love story succeed at the box office? We’ll find out next year!

For now, check out their official website to get on board their social media accounts!




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