Marvel Future Avengers Anime And Manga In Production

Marvel Future Avengers Anime And Manga In Production
(Source: Marvel / Madhouse)

These days the world of Marvel comics reaches far beyond the pages of any comic book. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded their fan base all over the world. Now, there’s a new project in the works to appeal to specifically Japanese audiences

They do not always have the best track record when it comes to trying to appeal to fans of anime or Japanese audiences, but this time they are handing the reigns over to an experienced Japanese production studio. Marvel comics is working with animation studio Madhouse Studios to produce an all new anime series and manga tie-in called Marvel Future Avengers. The series will follow a young boy named Makoto who is experimented on by the evil organization known as Hydra (and of course, he gains superpowers).

Makoto will find out there are other kids just like him and they are brought in as students of the earth’s mightiest heroes: The Avengers. These child heroes become the future Avengers and their teachers will be an all star line up of superheroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and the Wasp.

Its creators are also producing a side-by-side manga edition by Teruaki Mizuno. The anime series was set to premiere this summer in Japan and the tie-in manga adaptation will debut in “Bessatsu Coro Coro Comics Special.” It’s nice they are including the Wasp since she is an original founding Avenger that was ignored by the first batch of MCU films. I suppose she is finally getting her live-action due in the Antman and the Wasp sequel. I’m also a little surprised that Spider-Man is not involved in this venture, given their recent re-introduction of the character and push behind his popularity.

Marvel comics is no stranger to anime adaptations or Madhouse Studios, they have already worked together on many different projects like Iron Man, the X-Men, and even Blade the Vampire Hunter. Curious to see how this project turns out!



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