Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Goes Manga

guardians of the galaxy manga

Guardians of the Galaxy. They just came out of nowhere, right?

Never heard of them one day, then suddenly – BAM! – they’re everywhere. Pretty impressive for a squad less than a decade old. Poor Captain Marvel has been waiting for 50 years…

But somehow Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot hit the big time. And you know they’ve made it when they get a manga series of their own.

The announcement came from Comic Natalie, who announced the new project on their website in September 2017. The manga is illustrated by artist Kōhei Uchida, who got the job after winning an art contest earlier this year, hosted by Weekly Shonen Magazine. That’s a pretty sweet way to break into an industry.

(Source: Comic Natalie)

The title of this new entry is Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy Rush. The story follows the GOTG crew as they enter a battle-royale race to determine the fastest in the galaxy. All racers are permitted the use of weapons (cause it wouldn’t be cool if they couldn’t). According to sources, the story closely follows the movie’s version of the universe, more so than Marvel’s original comics.

You can tell from the sample art (below) that the characters get a distinct manga-zation. Star-Lord looks like he could be any archetypal manga hero character (only blonde). Oddly, Gamora looks inspired by Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl, minus the crack-cocaine insanity (not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing). Drax, wel,l he looks like every beefy manga bad guy ever put on paper – like if Piccolo accidentally shaved his antennae off. The raccoon and the tree dude get no such embellishment; they’re straight out of the movies.

(Source: Comic Natalie)

Unfortunately, the manga was only released on DeNA’s Manga Box app. Meaning it’s only in Japan, only in Japanese. Sigh. Here’s hoping the fine folks at DeNA wise up, translate, and release this title out west. Seems like a smart move while everyone is so ape-shit bananas over the Guardians.

Would you pick this manga up if DeNA translated and released it in the west? Give ’em a piece of your mind in the comments below.



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