Mazinger Z Celebrates the Big 45 With A Giant Monster!

Mazinger Z Celebrates the Big 45 With A Giant Monster!
(Source: Premium Bandai)

Calling all Mazinger fans! The anime that created the super robot genre and inspired Pacific Rim is turning 45 this year, and Premium Bandai has just rolled out the latest addition to the birthday festivities: a giant Garada K7!

Garada What?

Mazinger Z Celebrates the Big 45 With A Giant Monster!

Many things change across the various versions of Mazinger, but one thing stays the same quite often: Mazinger’s first foes. Dr. Hell’s mechanical beasts, Garada K7 and Doublas M2, have appeared in multiple iterations of the story. The pair are even recurring characters in Robot Girls Z, with way more screen time than they ever got elsewhere. That’s pretty impressive for “monsters of the week”!

Specifically, Garada is a skeletal monster with two huge, sharp horns sticking out of either side of its head. And those horns are lethal: they’re detachable scythes! Fortunately for our hero Koji Kabuto, Mazinger takes them down pretty easily (well, as compared to fights in later episodes, anyway).

Garada and Doublas may be weak compared to later monsters, but they’re still fan favorites!

Ultimate Model Series

Mazinger Z Celebrates the Big 45 With A Giant Monster!
(Source: Anime! Anime!)

The mechanical beast’s popularity led to it becoming the latest in the Ultimate Model Series, a line of big (like really big) action figures. Previous creations in the line include Ultraman and Mazinger itself!

The new Garada K7 stands a full meter tall, so it’s to scale — 1/18 scale, to be precise — with the previously released Mazinger. (Sorry, Premium Bandai hasn’t started making life-sized robots just yet.) Each one costs 140,400 yen plus 4,000 yen shipping. But don’t get too excited — there’s still the lottery.

The manufacturer is making only a limited number of the Garada K7 figures. Right now, you can enter a lottery to reserve yours. If the number of orders outstrips the number of units, there will be a drawing. But you can’t win if you don’t play… so if you want this big beastie for your toy shelf (or your floor, more likely), give it a go!

Which big robot would you like to see a giant figure of next?




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