Mecha Anime Greats Come Together for “Starwing Paradox”

Starwing Paradox mecha anime

This fall, the minds behind some of Japan’s greatest mecha anime will unite to bring gamers a new experience. Step into the cockpit of an Ae Rial and experience Starwing Paradox!

Blood of the Stars


The story takes place on the planet Meguriboshi, where two factions fight for a substance known as Hoshinochi, or “star blood.” And, of course, battles take place using the coolest weapons of all: giant robots!

Ae Rials, the giant robots of Starwing Paradox, achieve their greatest potential when two minds link via their Rearide System. The minds don’t even have to be on the same planet; the System can reach out to other worlds. And Meguriboshi has discovered a world with beings perfect for their purposes.

We’ll give you three guesses which world that is. (Hint: we live on it.)

Enter the Game

Starwing Paradox is a collaboration between Sunrise and Square Enix, featuring big players from the world of mecha anime. First off, if the character designs look familiar, that’s no surprise. The character designer, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, created the memorable characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion. As for the mecha themselves? Two mechanical designers from the extended worlds of Gundam bring Ae Rials to life. Naohiroshi Ogata (Gundam Thunderbolt and Gundam UC) serves as producer.

Up to eight players can engage in Ae Rial battles in game — and the arcade setup itself promises to be interesting. Players enter an enclosed cockpit, making it feel as though they’re really inside the robot! A heads-up display and FPS action promises some pretty sweet graphics.

Sadly, there’s no indication that we’ll be getting Starwing Paradox as a console game or outside Japan. But for those of you who are or will be in Japan, check out the game at select arcades this fall.

There’s more news to come on this collaboration, and we can’t wait to hear what else this game has in store!

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