Meet Kamen Reito Shun: The Refrigerator Tokusatsu Hero

Meet Kamen Reito Shun: The Refrigerator Tokusatsu Hero!
Source: @kamenreito_shun on Twitter

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from being anime fans, it’s that commercials are actually pretty awesome. Something can be an obvious ad and have a sweet or funny story. Heck, some of our favorite recent creations have advertised zippers and tires!

Our most recent fave? Kamen Reito Shun, a hero who kicks butt AND cares about keeping your veggies fresh.

Meet Kamen Reito Shun: The Refrigerator Tokusatsu Hero!Kamen Reito

Reito Unmasked

Shun admittedly doesn’t wear a mask (kamen), but he’s still just as action-packed as his inspiration. And he knows how to save Japanese housewives from rotting vegetables!

As you may have guessed, the “show” isn’t a new series, but a commercial. Mitsubishi Electric created Shun as a fun and exciting way to advertise… well, refrigerators. Fans of action shows love the style, and fans of anime may hear some familiar voice actors!

The latest commercial features voice acting royalty Norio Wakamoto as a terrifying lettuce monster. It’s causing all the veggies in Japan to wilt, but Shun (Yoshihiko Aramaki) is on hand to remind the monster of how beautiful veggies should be!

Also, Dragon Ball Z fans may recognize Ryusei Nakao (the voice of Frieza) in Shun’s first commercial adventure!

Meet Kamen Reito Shun: The Refrigerator Tokusatsu Hero!
Source: @mizumizutorisan on Twitter

Hero Worship

So how have fans taken to the fridge-themed hero? Pretty well, it seems.

The character has a Twitter account at @kamenreito_shun, and it’s a busy one. But it’s not just posts from the company! Talented artists have created fan art of the hero, his enemies, and the grateful housewife appearing in his ads.

To be fair, refrigerators aren’t the strangest thing a toku hero could theme himself after. So even though his attacks have to do with crisper drawers and LED lighting, we still think he’s pretty cool. And while he probably won’t be getting his own series anytime soon, he’s popular enough that we can likely expect more commercials!


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