Mega Man Legacy Collections 1 + 2 Coming To Switch

mega man legacy collection
Source: Capcom

More good news for Switch owners. The largest collection of Mega Man games ever made is coming to your Nintendo Just how big is this collection?

The first Mega Man Legacy Collection was back in 2015, and it included Mega Man 1-6. Then last year Legacy Collection 2 was released, which included games 7-10.

Capcom announced they’d be releasing these collections on the Switch, and everyone assumed they’d release them separately again. But turns out they’re throwing everyone a bone.

The Mega Man Legacy Collections for Switch will be bundled into one game – The Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 +2!

Here’s the announcement trailer:

But Capcom didn’t stop there.

Anyone who played the original Mega Man games remembered how unforgiving the games were. We’re talking brutal difficulty. Lucky for us, these new games come with a built-in rewind feature. No more having to redo entire sectors because of one little slip-up. Should make the game a little more enjoyable, albeit less fulfilling than beating that impossible boss after hours of grinding that left several fist-sized holes in your drywall.


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