Megalo Box: Best Anime Of Spring 2018?

Let’s sum up the setting: following Rocky through Neo Tokyo.

We’ve seen almost everything futuristic sci-fi settings have to offer, but a futuristic sports is kinda fresh.

It’s a nice new twist.

You’ll also notice right away, Megalo Box is gorgeous.

Sure, the setting is dark and gritty, but the TLC the animators put into this show is obvious. Especially action sequences – you feel the intensity of every punch and cringe with every blow.

AND the soundtrack is amazing.

Following in the spirit of Samurai Champloo, the trippy hip-hop beats lend themselves well to the show’s style. In fact, I think MB does it better than Champloo!

Don’t be surprised if MB is a nominated for anime of the year. Everything here seems perfectly balanced. I’d say it’s the best I’ve seen this year. Stream it on CrunchyRoll.



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