Mercenary Saga Trilogy Headed to Nintendo Switch

Mercenary Saga Trilogy
(Source: Circle Entertainment / Nintendo 2018)

Final Fantasy Tactic. Ogre Battle. Vandal Hearts. Fire Emblem. Shining Force. Disgaea. Front Mission.

Tactical role playing games (TRPG) were never the most popular genre, but for some diehard fans there was nothing better. Some were bored to tears with the slow gameplay. I loved spending ridiculous amounts of time putting together a team of specialists, equipping them with the perfect gear, and planning the perfect attack on a group of baddies.


Mercenary Saga Trilogy Headed to Nintendo Switch
(Source: CIRCLE Entertainment)

Sadly, most TRPGs died out or moved to the PC, with a handful making their way onto handheld systems and smartphones. A great example is CIRCLE Entertainment’s Mercenary Saga trilogy.

Mercenary Saga 1 was a mobile game that most people completely missed. Mercenary Saga 2 and 3 were released on the 3DS and Android.

Each game features an unique and epic story, with 82 chapters across the 3 titles and unique endings based on your choices. Sounds awesome… if you’re a 3DS or Android user.

Well, Nintendo owners, I have some good news for you.

CIRCLE Entertainment is bringing The Mercenary Saga Chronicles trilogy to the Switch.

These games look and feel like Final Fantasy Tactics. The character artwork looks exactly the same as FFT, and the map layouts, the attacks, hell, even the pixelated graphics bring out that mid-90’s nostalgia.

Mercenary Saga Trilogy Headed to Nintendo Switch
(Source: CIRCLE Entertainment)

But MSC offers more than just old-school gameplay. You can change classes, buy/use items, create new items/weapons, and play in Free Battle mode to muscle through additional challenges. That means lots of time crafting that PERFECT demolition party.

And the best part? You only have to wait a few weeks! Mercenary Saga Chronicles already dropped in Japan and is headed to the US and Europe this month.

All you TRPG fanboys and fangirls, stock up on Mountain Dew and junk food. It’s gonna be a long winter.

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