Minecraft Statistics That’ll Melt Your Face

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Show of hands, who’s ever played Minecraft? Chances a lot of you are holding your hand up.

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Minecraft has become a worldwide phenomenon in the 7 years since its release. It has outsold ever other game released since 2011 and has a mind numbing number of players every month.

Just so you know exactly how well this game has done, let’s explore some Minecraft statistics.

#2 Best Selling Game of All Time

Minecraft has sold 122 million copies, safely securing the second position on the best seller list. Tetris holds top honors with 170 million copies. Hm. Between these two, it’s apparent that games featuring blocks sell really well…

Grand Theft Auto 5 holds the third spot with 85 million copies.

55 Million Monthly Users

Nearly half of everyone that owns the game plays it every month! That’s insane – that’s like if the entire population of South Africa played Minecraft at least once a every few weeks.

100 Million Active Users

Of those 122 million copies, 100 million get used on a regular basis. That means less than 82% of those copies are being played on the regular. I doubt Tetris can make that claim…

10,500 Servers Online Daily (average)

At the time of writing this, there are 10,542 Minecraft servers online. Any player can use their own computer as a server to host their friends in a single game, so the number of players depends on the host’s computer strength. Could be anywhere between 1 and 100+ player. Just depends on the host computer’s power.

53,000 Copies Sold Daily

As of mid-2016, there were 53,000 copies of Minecraft being sold every day. This number has probably waned since then, but that’s still impressive for a game 5 years old. I mean, no one is buying Modern Warfare 3 anymore…

US$2.5 Billion Paid for Minecraft’s Rights

Around the time people started really catching on to the game, some big companies started smelling a cash cow. And so, in 2014, Minecraft was bought for a lot of money. The winner? Only the company with some of the deepest pockets in the world – Microsoft! The total bill came to a respectful $2.4 billion – not bad for a game developed by one guy!

Numbers don’t lie – Minecraft is huge. And maybe it’s players will eventually move on to newer games, but since it’s started being used for other purposes, like being an educational tool, it’s heyday may be further down that blocky road than we imagine.┬áIf you’d like to see more nutty Minecraft stats, check out Minecraft Statistics. They track numbers in real time.

How many of you are long-time Minecraft players? What do you do to keep the game interesting? Comment your response below.

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