MJ & Burial Grounds: 5 Totally True Gaming Myths

We know you purchased that cheat code book for your favorite 90’s video game, desperately hoping to uncover a hidden level or secret weapon.

Thousands of rumors swirl around your favorite games – most of them being completely untrue. BUT, lucky for us, some of them are.

A few of our favorites:

There IS a secret Mortal Kombat character waiting to kick your ass.¬†Known as Reptile, he’s only discoverable when you perform a flawless double victory at JUST the right time, in JUST the right places. But if you can discover the perfect combination of flawlessness he’ll be there, ready to tongue grab your head like a scaly ninja.

Michael Jackson composed the music for Sonic Hedgehog 3. Those similarities to the king of pop you thought you recognized¬†we’re completely true. Apparently, sir MJ wasn’t thrilled with the quality of the audio in the finished project so he remained silent about his contribution… But we’re all about it.

For the full list (including a gamer BURIAL GROUND), head here.


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