More Crypto Currency! (Or, GACKT?)

More Crypto Currency! (Or, GACKT?)
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Our first instinct upon hearing of Bitcoin’s mixed news was not, to be honest, that we’d be talking about new crypto currency anytime soon. And yet, within spitting distance of Otaku Mode’s “Otaku Coin”, SPINDLE awaits its turn on the global stage.

And while Otaku Coin may have Kizuna AI behind it, SPINDLE’s got influence of its own — as GACKT seems to be throwing his all behind the concept.

GACKT Goes Financial

More Crypto Currency! (Or, GACKT?)
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GACKT has been a visual kei artist, a Final Fantasy villain, a poker player, and… a Malaysian realtor? Yeah, apparently. And his next step is into the growing world of crypto currency.

On his blog, GACKT praised the concept as a whole. He believes that bills will disappear and banks will be obsolete within ten years. And he’s putting his money (or his bits) where his mouth is — serving as Asian adviser for a new crypto currency endeavor, SPINDLE. And in doing so, he revealed his real name: Gakuto Oshiro. So there’s that.


More Crypto Currency! (Or, GACKT?)
(Source: Spindle.Zone)

Well… we’re not entirely sure.

From the description on their website, SPINDLE sounds like just about every hopeful project. They talk about putting people in control of their own finances, creating a more even playing field, and helping people achieve their financial dreams.

But what does that actually mean?

Honestly, there’s not a lot to go on. And even though GACKT seems pretty all-in for a future of bill-less crypto currency and personal banking, we still don’t know anything specific except that the company has high hopes and good intentions.

With Otaku Coin, Otaku Mode laid out a business plan — a fairly simplistic one that routes all the money back into themselves, but still a business plan. One has to wonder what GACKT saw about SPINDLE that made him a believer. We’ll probably see before long.

Do you think Gakuto Oshiro can see the future of finance? Give us your opinions in the comments!

Get Mining: Otaku Mode Announces Its Own Crypto Currency


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