More, Please: 6 Anime That Deserve Another Season

We all know that feeling. You’re watching a fantastic anime that has you laughing or crying (or both) all the way through to the end, and then you get to that point where there’s no more to be had and you ask yourself “… That’s it?”.

Oliver Twist
J-j-just… a little more?


You begin to search frantically all over the internet for news of another season that you somehow didn’t know about, but sadly there is none to be had. Sometimes a series is just like that; lifting your spirits with its overall incredibleness and then dashing them down into nothingness. For that reason, I’ve decided to list a few series available here on Viewster which absolutely should, nay must, get another season at some point:



(available w. ENG+FR subs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium)

I’m going to start this list with the obvious ones, just to get them out of the way, and then move into the titles that you might not have already heard about, starting with Nozaki-kun. I admit it, this series didn’t grab me right away but once it finally took off I was absolutely addicted, and when it was finished I was dying to see more of these characters. And I still am. This is a series that makes you laugh and feel happy in a way that not a lot of other series can, and it would be a crime against humanity for it to never get another season for fans to enjoy.



 Servant x Service

(Available w. ENG subs in United Kingdom)

Servant x Service told a mostly complete story throughout its run but it still managed to end in a way that made you want to see more. What happened with Hasebe and Lucy? Will they ever get it together and be happy? There are still so many things that the audience wants to see from these characters and if other series along this same vein can get a second (and even third) season, surely this one can get 12 more episodes to let the audience get a solid conclusion.

Servant x Service



The World Is Still Beautiful

(Available w. ENG subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia, and New Zealand)

I’ve said wonderful things about this series in the past, and if it gets a second season I promise that I will continue saying wonderful things about this series in the future. Just a magnificent piece of work that tells a great little story, and I think that Nike and the sun king deserve a little more time in the light to shine. Just please change the music around a little.

The World is Still Beautiful



Skip Beat

(Available w. ENG subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Australia, and New Zealand)

If you haven’t watched Skip Beat yet and you call yourself a shoujo fan, shame on you. Skip Beat boasts a rabid fan base that is dying to see more of the heroine get her revenge on her ex-boyfriend, but sadly this looks like another series that we’ll never get to see more of unless a miracle happens. But then again, stranger things have happened in the past.

Skip Beat



Silver Spoon

(Available w. ENG subs in United Kingdom, and Ireland)

Speaking of miracles, Silver Spoon is a series that stands out as one that is a little miracle in itself. It’s a miracle that it got made, it’s a miracle that it got adapted into an anime and it’s a miracle that it kept going for two whole seasons… at least that’s what I thought until I watched it and realized just how amazingly good it is. It’s got laughs, it’s got tears, it’s got animals being born right before your eyes… how many other series can boast about that? Not many that I can think of.

Silver Spoon



Welcome to Irabu’s Office

(Available w. ENG subs in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, United States, and Canada)

Welcome to Irabu’s Office is quite possibly the strangest series I’ve ever watched but it’s also one of the most interesting due to the way its shot with a mix of animation and live action, and in my opinion it’s perfect for a second season. It’s strange, it’s quirky and anyone who gives it a chance will be absolutely mesmerized by what they see and joining the chorus of people who are chanting for more!

Welcome to Irabu's Office



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