Move Over Hello Kitty, Here’s Lemon & Sugar

lemon and sugar
Image courtesy of Lemona Design via Facebook

If you thought Hello Kitty was sweet enough to cause diabetes, then prepare yourselves. Fresh out of Japan comes a new duo of characters that promises to have children around the world squealing like… well, children. Meet Lemon & Sugar.

Lemon and her dog, Sugar are the world’s first Lemon Ambassadors, on a mission to spread the love of lemons throughout the world.

Their online store describes them as such: “Lemon, a little girl who loves to be in love, and her fluffy best friend, Sugar. This is their world – sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.”

I am (barely) comfortable enough with my masculinity to admit, that’s painfully adorable.

The characters, created by Lemona Design, made their first appearance back in 2014. No one’s ever never heard of them, but they already have loads of things for sale on their website, including:

  • Plush toys
  • Candy
  • Pins
  • Key chains
  • Shirts
  • Tote bags
  • Stickers

You can see pictures of the two on their gallery page, or check out the fan art section. Or check out this video:

If you’re interested in getting on board with this growing craze before the inevitable fallout, you can catch them at the upcoming Anime Expo in Los Angeles where they have a booth spreading their lemony message. It marks the character’s first overseas appearance outside of Japan.

A bit of advice – do yourself this favor. Lemon & Sugar is going to become an international hit, so if you know a young girl who eats stuff like this up like candy (hint: all girls do), buy her some Lemon & Sugar merchandise now. Let her be the trendsetter within her group of rabid giggling girls. You’ll earn tons of cool points if you do.

Just make sure you keep insulin on hand. You can follow Lemon & Sugar on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Anyone planning on stopping by their booth at Anime Expo 2017?

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