Move Over Zipper Anime: This Time It’s A Tire Love Story

sponsored anime road to you
(Source: Dunlop Tires)

Japan is no stranger to sponsored anime. As we learned with Fastening Days, sometimes the most enchanting anime is actually a commercial… And one of the newest, ROAD TO YOU, is here to get you ready for safe winter driving.

Three Love Stories

sponsored anime
(Source: Dunlop Tires)

The concept behind ROAD TO YOU is a trip to a holiday illumination. Or, rather, three trips. Three pairs of characters are on their way to the event, and each represents a different type of love: romantic love, familial love, and love of one’s hometown.

The short film is under four minutes long — just long enough to go along with a song — and tells each story beginning to end. But what’s the linking element? Well… winter tires.

ROAD TO YOU advertises Dunlop’s new WINTER MAXX 2 tires, just in time for nasty winter driving. The tires enable the characters to make the trip. And, well, that’s what matters when it comes to driving in the snow, right?

See It For Yourself

Fortunately for us all, Dunlop put the short on their website. It’s not subtitled, but it’s easy enough to follow:


The voice cast features Hiroshi Kamiya, Miyuki Sawashiro, and other popular seiyuu. As for whether it’s successful… well, it’s definitely cute. And it evokes a real holiday feeling. Dunlop’s product may only feature for a brief moment, but the message is clear. It’s also beautifully animated.

As it turns out, animators from Saikano and your name. had a hand in the creation of the short. So it’s no surprise that it’s very pretty to look at.

What do you think? Is Tire Anime on par with Zipper Anime? Let us know in the comments!

Your New Favorite Anime Is Basically A Zipper Commercial





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