Moving To Japan Just Got Easier For Professionals

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Do you work in the anime industry? Or manga? Maybe video games? If yes, your chance to move to Japan may have just arrived.

According to SoraNews24, The Immigration Bureau of Japan is making changes to their immigration policy that will allow foreigners to gain permanent residency after living there only a year – provided you work in an industry related to Japanese culture.

These changes are spurred by a recently established fund called the Cool Japan Fund. It’s a semi-public, semi-private venture with the goal of promoting Japanese culture around the world. They’re already striking up deals with Silicon Valley to invest in up-and-coming companies that will eventually expand into Japan.

What’s all this investment talk about? In short, Japan is looking to create bridges with international businesses, so more cultural bridges can be created in the future. This makes it easier to export Japanese culture.

With that in mind, The Immigration Bureau of Japan decided to help out. They’re making it easier for people who work within Japanese culture industries to come over to live and work, creating more goodwill between more nations.

Before you get too excited, there are certain criteria for getting accepted into this new program.

  1. You must work within a Japanese culture industry (anime, manga, video games, fashion, pop culture, etc.).

  2. You must live in Japan for a minimum of 1 year, or longer, depending on your professional value.

  3. The more professionally valuable you are (education, work experience, specialty) the faster you’ll get permanent residency status.

They’ve put together a point-based system for identifying professional value and who gets preferred treatment. and they aren’t handing those points out easily. You better bring your professional A-game.

Of course, this strategy creates a win-win situation for both sides. Japan gets highly skilled workers and social ambassadors to spread their culture to the expats’ homelands, and foreigners get to live in Japan as long as they like.

If you’ve always wanted to mainline anime, manga, and video games directly into your veins straight from the source of origin, this is probably the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Who’s considering it??

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