Cosplay Photography Dos and Don’ts

I love to take pictures and I especially love taking photos of dank cosplay. There are some aspects and rules that should always be observed when practicing cosplay photography. Allow me to lay those rules out: but note, they vary slightly from place to place and from individual to individual.

Lucia from Fruitless Cosplay

Always, always ask permission. This may be the most important cosplay advice I can give you. I mean, you wouldn’t like it if someone just shoved a massive camera in your face and started taking pictures; neither do people who cosplay. As the masses say, cosplay is not consent. Better to ask than to not ask, in my book.

Be sure to get their email and contact information. This one should be a general no brainer, but give that person the pictures you took of them. They will eternally appreciate the fact that you got back in touch with them. No one likes being left in the dark about when to expect their pictures to arrive, trust me. 

Lucia from Fruitless Cosplay

Make sure to get the shot in focus. No one wants a picture of themselves thats out of focus, cropped oddly and either over or under exposed. It looks terrible and frankly the only time you will get away with something like this is if you were an amateur photographer.

Any camera is a good camera, so long as you understand its limitations. “The best camera is the one you have with you” is a phrase that has been used by Chase Jarvis and it is pretty true. What one needs to know is that they need to respect the limitations of their camera. A phones camera is handy as hell, but it won’t go beyond its software limitations.

Reach outside of your comfort zone and get out there. The biggest thing that restricts you in photography is not progressing. Having a passion for what you do and a motivation for it helps make it enjoyable. Getting to go beyond your comfort zone is what makes the medium so much more enjoyable.

Hopefully these pointers help and give you all some awesome encouragement for boosting your cosplay photography game. Trying something that is new can be both rewarding and fun; plus it’s a great way to meet new people who enjoy anime.


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