New “Doraemon” Film Makes History

Setting Records

Source: Variety

This year, the franchise set sail with Nobita’s Treasure Island. The March release featured guest spots from Suzuko Mimori (Love Live!), Masami Nagasawa (your name.), and Yo Oizumi (the voice of Professor Layton). Plus, multi-talented performer Gen Hoshino (Saint Young Men) provided music for the film.

All the enthusiasm seems to have paid off. By the beginning of April, Nobita’s Treasure Island made its mark as the most successful Doraemon film ever! The box office has pulled in nearly 5 billion yen at the time of this writing. And what’s more, it’s a hit both with families and with adult Doraemon fans seeking out some nostalgia.

It looks like Doraemon and friends are here to stay. Will next year’s film do even better in his 50th anniversary year?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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