Get Ready for a Sonic Fist Bump: New “Sonic Forces” Theme Revealed

Get Ready for a Sonic Fist Bump: New "Sonic Forces" Theme Revealed
Source: Sega

Are you excited for Sonic Forces? The game promises multi-era Sonic team-ups, a variety of gameplay styles, and your own original character. But there’s still more on the way. Sega has released a sample of the vocals for the game’s new theme!

“Fist Bump”

Get Ready for a Sonic Fist Bump: New "Sonic Forces" Theme Revealed
Source: Sega

Regular Sonic composer Tomoya Ohtani wrote the new game’s theme. Titled “Fist Bump,” it has the same driving beat and hopeful vocals we’ve come to expect of a Sonic theme. It also has a very familiar voice performing those lyrics…

Okay, we’ll tell you. It’s Doug Robb, the voice of California band Hoobastank. Not only does he perform the theme, he also wrote the lyrics.

Hoobastank has been active since 1994, famous for songs like “Crawling in the Dark” and “The Reason.” Their sixth album is apparently incoming any day now; but for now, at least one of them has lent his vocals to a new piece of music.

Here’s Sega’s 90-second clip:


All Together Now!

A handful of reviews have been less than complimentary of the new theme. Some call it “too loud” and “too upbeat.” But for the most part, fans are really digging this latest addition to the Sonic music library.

And, more than anything, the lyrics seem to reinforce the theme of unity and teamwork we’ve seen so far. After all, this is a game about things coming together: different eras, different play styles, even fans and the IP! So for that, Robb’s lyrics absolutely work. And he’s not messing around with the vocals, either.

We’ve still got a bit of a wait until Sonic Forces hit, and Sega hasn’t actually announced a solid release date yet. We know we’re getting it in Q4, but that’s about it. However, in the description of this video, Sega promises some more Sonic Forces surprises on the way.

Does this theme make you more hype than ever? Let us know in the comments!

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