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ARMS is one of the latest games to come out along with the Nintendo Switch. It breaks new ground for hand held fighting games and the way we interact with our character avatars. The game play and the eccentric cast of characters are the game’s biggest strengthsThere are a ton of unlockables for different combat types and a bevy of mini-games in addition to the main combat. All of this means that there are many different ways to play and plenty of ways to win.

These ARMS tips and tricks will help you become the next champion:

  1. Pay Attention to the Weight of Your Weapons– Straight out of the gate, you need to pay close attention to the weight of the your arms load out. Before a match you can equip the many different arms that you will unlock along the way. Heavier arms will overpower lighter ones when they clash, but lighter arms will strike your opponent much faster. If you favor lighter weapons, then make sure you are always moving. With light arms you’ll need to constantly dodge and strike when you see an opportunity.
  2. You Can Parry Their Thrust– This is a basic function that some players forget about or just neglect to use. If you hold block and dash after you block an attack then you will parry an opponent’s attack. When you parry the attacking arm it means it will take them longer to retract, giving you a nice chance to get in close and do some damage. You do need to remember that just because you parry one attack, it doesn’t mean that your opponent is defenseless. They can still move and they’ll still have the other arm.
  3. How to Win the 1-on-100 Mode– The 1-on-100 mode is one of the most difficult combat modes in the game. You’ll take on a series of opponents and every time you defeat ten of them they will get more challenging. Throwing your AI enemies at each other can be a great way to take out more than one with a single attack. When you do get the chance to heal you need to make sure to keep your arms in the blocking position to charge them up. The rush attack is most useful when multiple targets are in your line of fire, so wait for the right moment and watch your back to time it right.
  4. The Strongest Offense is a Good Defense– Most of the damage you’ll deal out will come from counterattacks. You almost never want to punch first and if you do then make sure your other arm is poised to strike. Standing your ground and duking it out is never a good idea; you’ll want to stay on the move. Dance around your terrain. Don’t overuse the dash move and always be sure to change directions as you go.
  5. Don’t Treat It Like a Normal Game– This is not your standard fighting game. Each punch is more like a long ranged attack. You’ll need to develop the skill to plan your punches and see where your opponents will be next. Your punch can seem on target, but by the time it gets there your opponent could be gone. Luckily, you can curve your punches. A nice way to think about it is to look at the game like rock, paper, scissors. Besides all the power ups and special attacks, the basic attacks are punching, blocking, and throwing. Punching beats throwing. Throwing beats blocking. Blocking beats punching. You’ll need to use them all and never commit to just one.

I hope these ARMS tips help you quickly rise in rank!

ARMS For Nintendo Switch Could Be A Game Changer



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