Nintendo Labo Is Here In All Its Cardboard Glory

Nintendo Labo Is Here In All Its Cardboard Glory

There’s logic behind the making of Nintendo Labo, for cardboard apparently offers several unexpected advantages over plastic. For example:

Cardboard is cheaper

No brainer, sure, but cheaper material means a cheaper price tag. That means you can afford more accessories. Plus, you can replace pieces on the cheap. Broken plastic means buying a whole new unit.

Cardboard is customizable

Make it unique by adding stickers, spray paint, pattern cutouts, etc. It’s all replaceable, so go nuts.

DIY is damn satisfying

You know that feeling of “Hey, I built something!” you get after finishing a project? Nintendo wants to give you those feelz.

You can’t deny, it’s interactive

Labo accessories are physical products that require you to get up and MOVE! Like the Wii before, Nintendo is all about engagement.

It feeds curiosity

Labo kits have a lot of moving parts that you can open up to see how they work together. The robo kit in particular.

…And because it’s Nintendo, they can.

And let’s not forget the most obvious reason for the Labo – Nintendo loves doing things no one else has thought of. They’ve been up to this since the NES.

Already have the Nintendo Labo? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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