Is Nintendo Switch The Toughest Console Out There?

nintendo switch durability
(Source: Nintendo / The Verge)
nintendo switch durability
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More than any other gaming company, Nintendo is known for loving their fan base and building consoles that can survive all sorts of carnage. Hand-held consoles are especially well known for needing to be tougher than the rest. Different company, but I can remember watching my SEGA Game Gear bounce down a flight of bleachers and still being able to play it. The brand new Nintendo Switch has certainly gained plenty of attention for all of its features, but does it live up to the unbreakable reputation of the Nintendo legacy?

-Everyone has been putting the Switch through its paces since it came out. The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything grabbed a utility blade and some tools to test this little guy and we learn three big things:

  1. It turns out the screen is pretty easily scratched, probably to keep production costs down. Also, plastic keeps the screen from cracking and shattering like a cellphone might.
  2. One impressive feature is that the X, Y, A, and B buttons are not just labeled or printed on, the letters were actually injected through the button itself. This means that the letters will never rub off, no matter how much of a button smasher you are.
  3. He even applies a lighter to the screen and it holds up to the flame for about 15 seconds before the screen starts to melt. The console still works just fine even after that.

-Over at GizmoSlip, they did a pretty simple repeated drop test just to test toughness. They drop the Switch over a dozen times and basically learn that the controllers are the weakest point, they’ll break before anything else. (Trigger warning: the guy in the video refers to Link as Zelda, a common mistake but a demotion of nerd cred.)

-On the WaterJet Channel, they utterly destroyed a Switch with a high pressure water jet and carved the poor thing up. However, it kept running for a surprisingly long time. (The Switch don’t quit.)

-The biggest and most ambitious test of all though is the 1,000 foot drop that was attempted. On the UnlockRiver Channel, they strapped the Nintendo Switch to a flying drone and dropped this little guy from 1,000 feet up in the air (jump to about two minutes in to see the actual drop and impact). The bad news is that the controller side it landed on was no longer any good, but the rest of the device still worked!

The long and short of it is that the Nintendo Switch is one tough little customer. They’ve built quite a device.

Verdict: This console is worth the cash and might actually stand the test of time.



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