Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Good, Not Great

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Good, Not Great
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Back in 2001, Animal Crossing quickly became one of the most popular community simulation games. Aside from admiring the overall look of its animation style, fans of the game really bought into the charm of its animal people. Animal Crossing became the ultimate “stain in and game” title. You get to customize huge swaths of the game and basically build your town the way you want. There is something soothing about watching your very own town go up with all the bells and whistles you want.

Animal Crossing: Pocket CampThe latest entry in the world of Animal Crossing is the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Instead of a town, you are now in charge of a campsite (and the whole game takes place on your cellphone). This new game has the same charm and adorable animal friends, but actual gameplay has some issues. As with a lot of game in the early release stages, the load time and connection errors have been running pretty rampant. Nintendo has apologized for the errors and sent out free in-game gifts to try and make up for the user difficulties.

The biggest complaint though, has been the in-game structure around monetary upgrades. Almost every mobile game these days offer micro-transactions to make the game easier or offer faster progress, but players are beginning to think that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp pushes these aspects a bit too much. Most people investing time in this time killer know that the progress will be slower without spending the cash, but the engineering of the game is more about encouraging purchases than just offering the opportunity.

The in-world currency is known as Leafs Tickets and their biggest purpose is to expedite all of the waiting in the game. Almost anything that takes time can be sped up by spending Leaf Tickets and the game doesn’t let you forget it. People have been saying that constantly knowing the option is there to jump the time line is taking away some of the subtle charm and comfort of this adorable game. Most gamers are always willing to pay some money up front for a great experience, but I don’t think any of us want to be badgered into it.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has started to feel more like a money grab and less like a cute way to kill time.

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