No Laughing Matter: Boogiepop Anime Fails To Consult Original Artist


If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for the new Boogiepop anime coming this year. The dark, surreal story returns to our screens this year courtesy KADOKAWA and Madhouse. And the new art for the series already looks awesome!

Well… except for the fact that one of the series’ creators was left out of the decision.

“What is this?”

Imagine being one of the creators behind a popular work of art, and never having seen the new “official” artwork for it. That’s the situation Boogiepop light novel and manga artist Kouji Ogata found himself in. When the new art for Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh hit the web, he was quick to voice his opinion — and it wasn’t gentle.

The now-deleted tweets began with “Teme wa nani?” (basically “the hell is this?”) and went from there. Ogata added that no one had sent him any of the “approved” materials, and that he is largely unaware of the state of the project.

This was back in March. As it turns out, Ogata wasn’t the only one in the dark about the state of the anime. Fortunately, things soon came clear, and there’s at least a bit of understanding.

Source: Comixology

Problems Solved

Fortunately for Ogata — and for all of us — Kadokawa wasted no time investigating once they knew there was an issue. As it happens, the artist was not the only one in the dark.

Kadokawa recently posted a public apology, explaining the issue, and confirming that they had worked things out with Ogata. The issues appears to be a case of decisions made without going through proper chain of command. Kadokawa also addressed rumors that series director Shingo Natsume resigned or was fired over the incident. This was not the case.

Ogata is in good spirits over the anime again, and so are we! He’s added that, going forward, he will support the series from the standpoint of the original illustrator. And we’re excited to see more of the mysterious hero.

Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh comes out later this year.





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