No Shame In Their Game: Suave Anime Characters!

Suave, gruff, allure, stupidity or wit are what we enjoy about anime characters. Their wacky random traits define them and here are some of a few characters that bear no shame! Now lets get our list on with some pretty rad candidates chosen from a supremely awesome list.

Aikuro Mikisugi from Kill la Kill: A man who needs no shirt to cover his chiseled bod, Aikuro Mikisugi is a man who knows what it takes to be one sophisticated dude; not to mention lady killer. You gotta respect a person who wants to break out from the confines of stuffing and suffocating clothing; until he starts stripping in front of you. Suave? YES. A practical man? You decide!

Beethoven From ClassicaLoid: Capable of charming the ladies and lads around, Beethoven is a man unlike any other. Cool, collected and explosively dapper the man sure knows how to cook with music. His lyrics are the spice to our lives and the grove upon which our life flows. The man is the bee’s knees in all senses; even fashion. We need to find his hair dresser.

Maetel from Galaxy Express 999: While she is calm and collected, Maetel is a rather prominent figure and one who is not afraid to show some muscle when needed. While her protective obsession over the young boy Tetsuro is at times… creepy; she has the collected structure of a woman in charge of the situation.

Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: Need we say anything more? We all know by now that the masses are clamoring for the upcoming film and Motoko Kusanagi is one suave lass! She has the literal strength of a cyborg and she is a woman with sophistication; remind us to never piss her off.

Got some characters you all enjoy who bare no shame and are super suave fellows? Feel free to tell us about them! Also be sure to leave your impressions of how our new blog page looks! You can handily reach it right from our main page or any page for that matter! We are always trying hard to bring you improvements that are engaging and much more easily reached! 

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